Day 3-7 Nanny Diaries

04.05.2015 – 04.09.2015 @ White Plains, New York

For the past week, I have been a Nanny at my brother’s home since they just had a new born join their family. I absolutely have no experience with child care except for the few hours here and there with people’s kids, but WITH their parents but since they need the help enough to let me do it, I said sure! I’d be happy to!

I am in charge now to help with the older boy (3 years old)! He is the cutest and sweetest boy so I was one happy auntie to take on this task since I never really get to spend time with them since we live across the ocean.

My main task consists of preparing food, cleaning up, playing with him, taking him to the park, putting him to his nap and to sleep. Ahh. this is great. winding down from the busy life in Tokyo, taking naps, going to bed early, in touch with sweetness all day I thought.

The first day was okay since I think he was genuinely interested in the new character in his life and trying to be strong without his parents there (at the hospital). We had a jolly fun time playing, going to bed.

Second day, still okay, though I’m pretty sure I fell asleep before him due to my jet lag. He was responsive and I felt I was an interesting and fun auntie. All good still loving it.

Third day on, with the other players back in the house, I could feel I had been ranked down in authority and the interest was now low. I was trying to hold onto his attention by providing him food, snacks, toys, funny faces, but I can feel I was losing it. (it could also be due to me being locked out of the car the first time I drove to the park… and we had to walk back home…)

There was more ignoring instructions, a lot of negotiation, some rejection and a lot of running over to daddy….

Cooking – I observed his eating and cooked things he totally loved but to my disappointment, sometimes he just wouldn’t touch it. Does he not like my cooking? Did I do it wrong?

Putting him to sleep – Apparently 2-3 books are not enough? And though we promise that we would turn the lights off and go to bed after the next one, he just wouldn’t. And it goes on and on. I found myself literally arguing with a 3 year old on breaking his promise and how its not fair. I would use every tactic I know from business negotiations but it just wouldn’t work! Ugh so frustrating!

The disappointment is for me not being able to understand the kid’s needs but also more so that I couldn’t even do these simple tasks to take the burden off the parents.

So after a week of being a nanny, I am settling on this conclusion for now.

It’s not you, its him.

Yup. they’re kids, they just change their minds and they just get a kick out of saying NO. That’s just who they are. So don’t take things too personally and just go with it. Hey, I’m sure its not a discovery for most people, but it was one for this single auntie.


Big props to Daddy and Mommy in their patience and always trying to provide the best for their kid. This experience was so eye opening to me because its just hard to understand when you don’t have kids, why families have to move in a certain way at a controlled schedule. To be honest, I was a bit surprised at the micro managed instructions given to me at first. Yeah Yeah, I got it! I can take care of one kid! I thought (sorry bro, if you read this) but in the week, I was able to understand that these are built up experiences to keep your sanity because hyper kid -> upset kid -> more time of parents -> more tired parents.

Parting with them today was heartbreaking but I will be back in a year! Take care guys!

The Nanny is now off to the second home – American / Russian in Brooklyn! and we’ll see how that goes!

Yes, Rieko Travels is now Nanny Travel Diaries, but the travel journey will start in late April so hold tight!

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