Day 8 – Beer & Brooklyn (1)

Day 8: Brooklyn & Beer (1)

So the next stop of my Nanny Travel Diary (oh wait, was it my S. America travel journal? hmm… sometime soon) is Brooklyn!
I’m on my way to visit my friends for 2 nights.

IMG_2291 IMG_2294  IMG_2292

I meet them at Bierkraft – a beer lover’s paradise which has around 1000 kinds of craft beer. Cozy little place but its pack with goodness of original craft beers and great sandwiches. They had 10 or so drafts on tap – I think mostly local or from near by states – and the perky staff will help pick the best one for your. In fact they won’t let you go until you are excited about your choice! So the one I picked was ….. okay I was too excited I forgot but it was really good and an excellent choice to go along with my roast beef sandwich wrap.

Enjoying the beers and sandwiches, we caught up on life. Their new life with their baby their home and my life all packed into my Osprey bag. I was quite surprised that they found my decision to be radical. I thought yes people in Japan would find this off the norm and weird, but I thought not in the states?! people do crazy things all the time! Anyway fun times.

After, they welcomed me into their beautiful home, neatly coordinated and beautifully decorated. And the beautiful centrepiece, Kenzie!! I instantly and madly fell in love with this one, so precious and so happy.

The house is so neat and beautifully kept, you wouldn’t even think there was a baby there if he wasn’t there! I soon learned that the trick was sometimes having things just because they look good, even if they don’t have a function. For instance, the multiple pillows that we don’t lay on, the perfectly white towels we don’t wipe our hands on. (hahaha) Its this careful planning and putting design over function that allows American homes to be so photogenic and pretty. I feel sometimes we don’t have that sense much in Japan. Its all about the function.

Anyway, on this second home, Nanny required no work because, well, the baby was just happy and content and so calm, all the I had to do was droll over his cuteness and that’s just what I did. Ahh,, happiness.

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