DAY 2 – The “Date”

04.04.2015 – White Plains, New York

So my task for the 24 hours has been to take care of my 3 year nephew while my brothers and his wife and the new-born are being taken care of at the hospital. This is my first time ever to spend this much time with a kid, let alone by myself so that’s a really big deal. A bit surprised they would let me take this on, but okay here I go. I’ve got no credentials though!

I realise soon that everything is a negotiation with kids. Going to bed, putting on PJs, finishing breakfast. If you do this, you can do this, How about you do this for me and I do this for you? And I’m quick to realise I suck big time. He just smiles and laughs and I melt because don’t want to be considered the hard head evil auntie. But I get a huge amount of pleasure in this time together.

After breakfast, a couple of rounds of DVDs, puzzles, we decide to go to a nearby park. I pack some lunch and we head on out holding hands and singing and exchanging likes and dislikes, getting to know each other deeper. I haven’t felt this needed and happy to be with and appreciated in a while so I am enjoying every minute of this.

The park is actually a beautifully preserved natural area with play space, sustainable farming, animals on display and various nature paths for walking in the nature. I suggest a wooden swing to take our lunch and he points to a lovely sunny big rock where we can sit and enjoy our lunch. I love how he takes charge and leads and he doesn’t forget to reassure this by asking me ” Do you like it? It is nice huh?”. This boy got game. I am all butterflies inside.

IMG_2150 IMG_2155

Lunch is my mediocre rice balls and he doesn’t finish it but he avoids making me feel bad by suggesting we give it to daddy when we get back! – (so that he doesn’t have to eat it) Clever man! Probably a lot more technique and consideration than most guys out there! You are awesome!

IMG_2158 IMG_2162

After lunch, we have a lovely time together strolling through the park, looking at animals and talking about our lives. Its the perfect first date and I want more. I hope he feels the same way. 😉











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