DAY 1 – Landing in NYC


(Before doing any introductions etc I’m just going to go ahead and dive on in as for the entries to not get old)

DAY 1 – 04.03.2015 @ New York

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Landed in New York and its a bit chilly. The weather is 15 degrees (C) or so, but not freezing. Thankfully due to it being a Friday morning, immigration, luggage claim, customs are a breeze and I am out in 10 min. The shuttle to Grand Central is right up front and no hassles for my $16 one way ticket.

People do not give you extra sales talk or precautions here. It’s just information exchange and no more (sometimes less). This could come off as “unfriendly” and “short” until you get used it but it could just be that I am used to the overly excessive long explanatory, precaution, polite service talk in Japan. Most services explanations are unbearably long, yet quite manual.

In the shuttle, impressed to see AC adapters right by the seat – urbanisation.

Yellow cabs, cars honking, people yelling in different languages, Yup I’m in New York.

Excitement of this trip is not bubbling in inside me, nor am I terribly sad to have left. There is a sense of nervousness to start this trip that I have so been talking and planning for. Now it’s here and there is no stop. So I guess it is a vague blend of  a little bit of sacredness for it starting and the happiness that it has, and a gradual growing of accepting it and taking it all in.

I’m headed to the suburbs to meet my new-born nephew and help out with my brother’s family for a week or so.







ちなみに面白かったのは、Grand Central Staionにて、こんな人がいたこと。


おいおい、横になっちゃ〜いかんでしょ。でもお構いなしでこの歴史的建造物の中で多くの人が行き交う中横たわる。ここでは私なんか超礼儀正しい日本人だ!と思っていたらそのうち駅の人がきて「座るのは構わないよ〜」と言いに来た。笑 座るのはいいんかい!なんともスケールの違う寛容度と常識を目の当たりにしました。

2 thoughts on “DAY 1 – Landing in NYC

  1. Glad to see that you have safely landed in NYC. Chie-chan is so missing you (not that I don’t miss you but) that she asked me to meet up for lunch instead of dinner because she feels awfully lonely without you. Touching to see my little sister being so cared for and loved by all her friends!
    Please say hi and congrats for the new baby to Kohei for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe wow! Haha I hope you guys talked bout how much you love me and how great I am! Hahaha
      Will say hi to kohen for you once he gets some sleep and can comprehend it…. Lack of sleep since the baby both his wife and him…. Non stop crying baby.
      I got the better job of hanging out with the cute nephew! It’s a delightful job!
      Thanks for checking out the blog!


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