Travel Name Card!

My travel name cards are complete!

I’ve had experience traveling in the past where we would meet new friends along the way and would exchange emails, Facebook IDs on a napkin or the back of a receipt. but end up having a huge pile of them and not knowing who they were or losing it.

So this time, this name would come in handy to exchange information and leave a impression.

2 versions. #1 is simply just fun and loud and colourful #2. Taken from a Japanese card game called “Hanafuda” – a bit more subtle yet expresses where I am coming from. Both have white spaces so that we can jot down what we talked about, where we met to remember and keep in touch!

Surprisingly, many of my friends really responded to #2 thought I expected #1 because it was fun and bubbly. It’ll be interesting how well this plays out.

Thanks Yoshiko! for making this happen! (Check out her projects here!

#1   名称未設定 4 名称未設定 3

#2  名称未設定 2名称未設定




① ノリノリ元気! ② 花札バージョン(少し真面目に、将来の仕事などに繋がりそうな場合)






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