New Year Resolutions – Restart!

Jan. 2017. New Year Resolution.

Among a whole bunch of other resolutions for 2017, I’m putting “Restart the Blog” as one of them.

I’ve stopped writing since I’ve been back to my normal life in Tokyo 7 months ago but it’s always been on my mind. I had so much to tell about the 1 year journey but never seem to have enough time or take the first step to start.

All the stories that I couldn’t tell during my travels (traveling is BUSY! and blogging takes a whole lot of time!). The summaries of each country I visited and what I found fascinating about each of them. The beautiful people I encountered and feeling like being on top of the world with friends from around the world! Days and nights when I felt lonely for traveling alone and questioned why I was doing this when others are surrounded by family and friends. And what I learned from it and how I over came it.

The hikes in the Andes, the surfing on the coast of Peru, the roadtrip through Baja California, the week on a boat in Galapagos. All those amazing out of the world experience I didn’t have time to record.

The travel hacks I’ve learned along the way, the packing tips, the cautions for traveling alone. All that has changed me and the difference over time inside me that I noticed. What it felt like to be traveling freely for a year and then to be back to reality back home.

There was a whole lot to say and a whole lot I wanted to share. But it was all inside me slowly being buried with all the new memories building over it. The more time passed, the harder it got to tackle and the less approachable it became to write it down.

But I realize.

Who cares when it is? Who cares if it is not perfect?!

Better late than NEVER.

Better NOW than later.

So here I go. I start NOW.

I make it my resolution to tackle this blog and unravel all the stories I have buried inside me. Its been a while but its okay. I think they deserve to be dusted off and brought out to sunlight. And in addition, there’s other travels and stories that’s built up in the last few months after my 1 year journey. I have a lot of things to say about those too!

Riekotravels is back! Hope there are some people that will enjoy reading as much as I will enjoying writing it!



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