Tokyo Running – 23k

Tokyo Running  – Tokyo to Kasai Rinkai Park 01.15.2017

It’s become my routine over the weekend and one of my highlights of the week to run through Tokyo and explore. I’m training for my very first marathon in LA in March and I have been increasing the length and strength over the past months. I have 2 months left to go so need to use this time wisely to increase my stamina and get my body and mind ready for the race. I’ve never heard anyone say about a marathon how wonderful and fun it was and that they can’t wait to do it again, but rather how tough and how painful it was and how they never want to do it again. So I’m expecting it to be painful and tough, and trying to minimize the damage by preparing for it as much as I can.

My plan has been to increase  the distance 1km per week and I am up to about 20km now. I’ve been slacking off over the year end but now is the time to get back into it and get back on track.

What I love about running longer distances is that it gives me a chance to explore the city while I train. The more the distance, the more areas it can cover and it has been the driving motivator for these runs, not the distance, not the speed but rather the sense of exploration and adventure while I train.

Today’s route was as furthest East as I’ve gone and I’d like to do more.

Harajuku -> Akasaka Palace -> Imperial Palace -> Ginza -> Tsukishima -> Toyosu -> Yumenoshima Park -> Kasai Rinkai Park -> Super Sento Kasai.

Temperature was around 1 or 0 Celcius and very cold but where it was sunny, the skies and view were beautiful.

A total of 23 km. Done with stops at 2hrs. 50 min with total moving time at 2hrs 31 min.

Some highlights:

Imperial Palace – 5 k around but these days very crowded with runners over the weekend. I still like to go there once in a while just to see the seasons change.


Passing through Ginza and the Kabuki Theatre

Tsukishima Area – Old towns leading towards the bay. Now, Tokyo is continuously expanding the bay and its land and there are more cities growing outwards, but these towns though invaded by high-rises lately, still holds a “old Tokyo” feel in its streets and culture, particularly food.

And to Kasai Rinkai Park, which I believe is also a man made built land by the ocean, right next to Tokyo Disney land. I especially found this glass observatory interesting and beautiful but there are also BBQ areas, ferris wheels, and an aquarium for all sorts of fun! I didn’t have the energy to run through all but next time, I will be going there to cover them all.

Especially for a busy city like Tokyo, I really appreciate seeing the city as a runner. Not getting trapped in the massive crowds everywhere especially on the weekends. Having control over where and what to see through zipping through the streets and zipping through traffic and the millions of people. You’ll learn very quickly that as big and condensed with high rises Tokyo is, there is a lot of parks and temples and nature to give breaths of serenity and calm within this crazy city there are so many moments where you just can’t believe that this is right in the middle of Tokyo.

Anyway, I’ve been away from the blog for a while, but as a new year resolutions, I am going to start again whether it is overseas or back to my own city.

Hope there are some people that enjoy it!.

The map of my run today:

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