Entering Peru – Lima & Chicama

Its been a while since my last update but on the 3rd month of travel now in South America and in Peru.
After Iguazu Falls (Brazil), I entered into Paraguay visiting my friend working there and was introduced to the real lives of  Paraguayan and Paraguayan Japanese people and the country side of Paraguay. That is another story I am working on, but travel is so quick, its been impossible to keep up to date. So starting with Peru.
So Peru!
It’s been over 2 weeks and a half since I’ve been here quite some land covered.
I’ve been accompanying my Peruvian friend living in Japan, back here for a home visit.
From Asuncion (Paraguay), I flew into Lima, . Enjoyed Lima for 2 days then up north to the secluded surf town of Chicama.
Surfing for 5 days then to Trujillo and near by ancient historical ruins to get a bit of culture, then to Chiclayo to my friend’s childhood city. After, coming back south to the surf town of Huanchaco and surfing and relaxing for 5 days then now to Huaraz, the mountains in the central Peru.

Lima: The capital and the entry point for international.  A big city with a reputation for its gastronomy, history and culture.

We stayed in the area of Miraflores, which is a trendy, modern and very pretty area that lies by the coast of Lima. The the coast line is not palmy beaches but rather a cliffy edge high rise where the city resides, about 5 stories higher than the beach itself. IMG_4840 IMG_4841 IMG_4845

The winds were always strong so was a bit scary at the top of the cliff where beautiful parks resides, and thank god for the Peruvians that don’t drink openly all the time like the Brazilians. I’m sure there will be a lot of incidences if it were in Brazil.

The city is bustling and busy with honking cars and buses, lots of brick box houses and lot so of street vendors. My first impression was that it was vey “South America” and reminded me a bit of South East Asia (like Indonesia, or Vietnam cities).


The historical centre and some Peruvian football fans after the game.

IMG_4905 IMG_4901

I’ve heard a lot about Peruvian food from other traveler and they were right. Peruvian food is awesome and complex.
The flavour combination is hard to identify sometimes but there is a hint of familiarity for me due to the influence of Asian tastes (soy) included. Some of my favourites have been:
Ceviche, Lamb and Rice
 IMG_4854 IMG_4857
Lomo Saltado (Beef with vegetables)
Some home cooking. Corn Paste with rice and salad
Chicama – After Lima, we made our way up north to the surf town of Chicama ( about a 1 1/2 hour car ride from Trujillo)
IMG_5011  IMG_5109 IMG_5112IMG_5060
This is famous for the longest left surf in the world. The waves are never breaking and lasting sometimes for 1 -2 km, and coming in so orderly and parallel like a machine, so paradise of surfers. It was an amazing sight to look at especially against the dry mountains, cliffs and the sand dunes it is next to.
 IMG_5004 IMG_4975  IMG_5035 IMG_5038
One surfer described to me that people are so in AWE of being able to ride one single wave for so long, they all have an orgasmic face
I was only learning but the 5 days was enough to get me hooked. I was lucky to get help from a friendly local Evan who taught me, and pushed me to stand and catch the wave. Though the current is so strong and it takes a tremendous effort to get out, it is well worth it when you catch that one wave and I now understand the obsession over surf. I just want to do it again and again.
The mountains and the sand dunes are an incredible sight to walk through.
The view from the hotel, Chicama Resorts.
IMG_5018 IMG_5017
Going out for a surf!
Its been since Rio that I stay in a hotel, let alone, a resort and my was it good.
It was so good that I spent the first day just chilling in bed and enjoying the pool, the clean and soft linens and the powerful shower.
Now I regret not surfing the first day but the temporary oasis drew me into the best and longest sessions of sleep in my trip.
Traveling is fun and exciting but on the contrary, it’s actually a lot of stress and not comfortable. Going from place to place, getting to know the facility, the bed, settling in,  and living out of a bag. So this was my guilty guilty pleasure I took advantage of and embraced with all my body.
Next to some cultural experiences with the ancient ruins up north!

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