DAY 70-71: Iguasu Falls (Brazil)

My last stop in Brazil was Foz de Iguasu, the world famous waterfalls that is shared by Brazil, Argentina and a little bit of Paraguay. It is here.

A 14 hour bus ride from Florianopolis, (and I’ve always had a pretty comfy ride in Brazil) and I get to the city of the falls.

The city itself it not that impressive, small, centred around the tourism and I didn’t get the impression there were much to do except for the falls. A good 2-3 days would be enough.

So the falls. Yes, its amazing! and with crazy amounts of water!

The first day in the Brazil size. Once inside the national park, the decked out bus drop you off at the start of a trail that you can take to the falls. You can also do a hike or a bike ride or a eco truck ride through the national park for an additional cost but the weather wasn’t great so I just did the trail. It started pouring as soon as we got on the open roof bus so it was great to have the poncho for the rain and the water from the falls.

Yes, the falls were impressive with its massive amount of water and power. But the heavy rain kind of killed the excitement for me this day so a few pictures from some key angles and a few overpriced beers at the restaurant with a view and I called it a day.



Yay! With my attractive green poncho.


What was more impressive was the Argentinian side the following day. I booked a bus that takes you to the Argentinian side including the handling of immigrations and a full day at the Argentinian national park. This day was sunny so the experience overall was much more enjoyable.


Up close

IMG_4407 IMG_4405

From the boat


The Argentinian side does an excellent job to show you the waterfall from every angle. We walked through the trails and looked at the falls from the bottom, from the side, from the right, left, from the top and even inside to the point I was all waterfall-ed out and don’t need to see another waterfall for a few months now. What is worth doing is definitely the boat to almost enter the mouth of the falls. You can get up so close almost under the falls and the thrill of almost being inside and the boat being pounded but eh massive water pressure is crazy cool. I was a screening tourist in fear of getting wet, even thought that is what we are all there for.. but  it was awesome fun.

Perhaps it was the rain, but i definitely thought the Argentinian side offered more options and a full day of fun. Also, its cool to be able to step into another country for a day and get your passport stamped!

What was NOT fun were these creatures.


They look so exotic and cute at first, I was thrilled to encounter them and followed them around with my camera, but man, they are not!!! There are signs everywhere to not feed them and be cautious because scratches and bites can lead to symptoms of “anger”. Nope we don’t want that.  We sat down for lunch (super over priced by the way) and the coatis were everywhere eyeing your food. One second and they’re on it so you’re constantly on the look out and protecting your food. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience and also there was a guy with a stick chasing the coatis around all day with loud noise, so not a relaxing animal viewing.

The hostel I stayed at was Che Lagarto Foz de Iguasu, closely located to the bus station to go to the falls and convenient. Apparently Che Lagarto is a chain hostel with multiple locations in S. America. Worth a try. This one was by far one of the cleanest hostels I’ve been and looked like it was renovated from a hotel previously so the facilities were well equipped. Was so happy to not sleep in a 2 story bed for a change and have a normal shower head with good pressure 🙂 You can’t imagine how unbelievably luxurious that was to me at this point. Also another perk was the happy hour, where they provide caiperinhas for the whole hour, not just 1! So I’m sure that greatly effected my positive stay.

This was my last stop in Brazil for now and knowing that, I had been feeling “Saudade*” already for the last few days.

*Saudade: It brings sad and happy feelings all at once; sadness from missing something loved and happiness for having experienced the love. – only existing in Portuguese language.

It has been day after day of discoveries and wonders. People from different places, different ages, different stories. And to have the luck to be able to meet and connect with them was the treasure of my trip. I felt so happy in Brazil I am not sure if I will be able to get over it and go to the next country, but for now, I have wrapped my memories and my feelings into this one video. It has given me a great opportunity to summarise and reflect on all the amazing experiences. If you view it, hope you enjoy it and inspire to travel to Brazil and love it as much as I did.

Now to Paraguay.

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