Day 14: Baltimore – Hair Cuts, Sonograms and Fried Pickles

It’s obvious from the title that I am having a hard time finding one single theme to write about today, but that’s just because there’s just too much I’m experiencing and after careful thought, I have finally narrowed it down a good number three.

**Side note – I have been thinking a lot of about this travel long and reading others but it seems its important to have “angle” and a “view point” and and tips and recommendations for your readers. Yeah I get it but in a new place you experience so many things, like people, places, food, culture, sports, and also of course your thoughts, so I am having bit of trouble finding that angle and theme and only being able to write about one or two to have focus. Anyone have that issue? and any advice?

So the narrowed down three themes.

1. The Hair Cut

So I have been thinking for a few weeks now whether to cut my hair or not.
For traveling long-term without a hair dryer, is Long or Short better?

  • Long – Can just let it grow (easy to maintain), Can put in a pony tail or a bun (good for running), people (men) love the Asian long black hair overseas. However, it is hard to make look nice without a hair dryer, hence I end up just putting it up all the time, it takes longer to dry. Oh and I don’t love it.
  • Short – Grows out quickly and needs more maintenance, gets in the face, can’t bundle it up. But I love it and I feel good and its lively and fun.

So it felt like Long was better functionally, but Short was where my heart was so…


IMG_8423   IMG_8425

AFTER!!!: (with my obvious excitement)

IMG_8426   IMG_8428

Was a bit nervous about going to a new salon, especially in another country, but Brocatos did an excellent job. Friendly, professional and clean, the salon and stylist made me feel comfortable about my decision and understanding my hair and I felt really good. Stop by if you are in Baltimore and need a hair cut!  Brocatos Studio of Hair Design.

I obviously feel much better and feel lighter and more myself. What do you think?

IMG_8429 IMG_8431

2. Sonogram

Would have never guessed my travel blog would involve the topic of sonograms, but here it is. On top of my training in nannyish. I am apparently getting experience in the life of a pregnant woman and accompanied my 19 week pregnant friend and her hubby to the doctors for my very first sonogram.

I must say, I felt a little bit out-of-place because who goes to a sonogram with a couple? Oh well, lets not think too deep of what the doctor thought our relationship was but it was an interesting first time experience. It kept reminding me of the scene from Friends where Rachel couldn’t see her baby. And Rachel was me, minus being pregnant.


The doctor and the couple were pointing out his organs and his arms and his legs but it was like imagining the constellation pictures with just the stars for me. I could see the heart cause it was moving like a machine and sometimes the nose and the eye sockets but other things, I kind of saw it I think, but I just nodded in harmony. One day when I have my own baby, I hope I can see it.

Thank you to MJ for providing such in-depth experiences for me in Baltimore.

3. Fried Pickles

IMG_2444  baked-fried-pickles

To my Japanese friends, it looks like this and here in America, they fry Pickles!!!!!! The concept is so weird and I don’t know why they do it, but it seems to be a common thing as bar food. The Batter is very close to one of mozzarella sticks or Kushi Katsu in Japan and they either fry them in big chunks or slice them thinly and serve them piping hot with a mayo based sauce. When you bite in, it has the crunch from the batter and the surprise of a hot salty pickle inside and is….confusing.

I keep on ordering it but I am not sure if I like it or not. Freshly fried, the concept is fun with the crunchiness of the batter and the hotness of the pickle, but as time goes by, it just becomes a soggy battered luke warm salty piece of cucumber and is not fun anymore. So I guess I’ve made my decision that I am not a big enthusiast of Fried Pickles, but thought it is worth mentioning. It was too much to eat so have brought them back in a doggy bag. Let’s see if there are any interesting discoveries to the Fried Pickle the next day.

This we ordered today at the Mustang Alley’s Bar Bowling and Bistro – where you can bowl and drink and eat in fashion. I loved the concept! – thanks for taking me MJ & R!

IMG_2439 IMG_2453


Thanks again for showing me MJ & R!

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