I’m here in Baltimore, Maryland visiting my best friend from college and her family including a 2 year old boy.

Took the Greyhound for the first time in my life here. A long 5 hour trip down from NYC due to an hour stop in Philadelphia. Wasn’t as exciting as I thought, no fellow traveler encounters or meeting local people that want to show me around or anything. Though I was impressed with their in-bus Wi-Fi!

So Baltimore. I had no image of it and so did any of my friends in Japan or NY. That it is one of the industrial cities somewhere close to DC. Well. I wasn’t expecting much and that was exactly what I wanted because I just wanted a relaxing time to do nothing and to spend quality time relaxing and with my friends’ family, so a boring city was ideal.

It is my 3rd day here so far, my impression is, a small scale and cute city, but definitely not boring!
In fact the buildings seem to have a classy sense of American history and very well kept, the city is well coordinated as a whole with red bricks but with a cool twist of urban artworks, there seems to be a good amount of trendy and fashionable bars and restaurants and whats more, it’s the season of cherry blossoms and they are blooming all around! Coming from Japan, this is the biggest symbol of spring and happiness so this makes me really happy and welcomed.

Wall Art by the Harbor  IMG_8359 IMG_8361  IMG_8362

Cool Car made of beer labels and draught handles!


A colourful row of homes. Love! And not sure who, but names on the bricks.  IMG_8368  IMG_8370

Art on the walls and on the street, Can you see LOVE and BUS?

IMG_2363 IMG_2376

Cherry Blossoms!!!!

IMG_8375  IMG_8380 IMG_8383  IMG_8391

The day has been centered around the kids. My friend is doing a shared nanny system with a neighbour and the nanny comes to the house and takes care of their kid and the neighbours. The two kids have been nannied since they were babies so they are almost like brother and sister and I feel it makes a lot of sense to the parents and the kids. For the parents, obviously because it would save on cost and also because you can alternate the houses and for the kids, of course because there is another to play with and learn with. Playing together, fighting, sharing are all things learned thought having a sibling or maybe at day care, but while having a nanny at home they are able to get that experience. This makes a lot of sense I saw many 2 kid strollers around the city and heard that it is pretty common here.

IMG_8393 IMG_8398

So at my third home of my Nanny Diaries, I have stepped up to taking car of 2 kids at the same time! (obviously while the real nanny does her job :P) My nanny skills and techniques have improved from the experience in the 2 homes and I am much more comfortable with kids. Also I am starting to understand the development of kids, because kids at 2 start to communicate but can’t talk and negotiate like my 3 year nephew but is  much more a human and has will obviously than the 7 months old in Brooklyn. Never would I have gotten the chance to experience and understand this in my Tokyo life, so really embracing the new discoveries.

Here’s a stop at the local Cup Cake shop, CUP LOVE.
Cupcakes make everyone happy!

IMG_8400  IMG_8401

IMG_8402  IMG_8405

Today we went to Port Discovery “children’s museum with a purpose” – the ultimate paradise for kids. It has everything kids would be curious and happy about physically and mentally all in one big location – trains, jungles gyms, dinosaurs, water, cars, castles etc. $15 per adult + kid and it will definitely make your kids happy AND TIRED!! Back at home, I had a good 2 hour nap after lunch, Thank you.

IMG_8406 IMG_8410 IMG_8419

So, only my 3rd day in Baltimore, but so far, not the boring city I was looking for but I’m liking it.

Oh! And I didn’t know this but it is the headquarter of Under Armour!
Not sure if that is the reason, but I see A LOT of people running and being fit and wearing UA. I would like to go visit their head quarter and factories if possible. And I am starting to wonder if “work out wear” is daily wear in the states. Because Everyone wears it all the time, but its not like they are ALL on their way to the gym or have finished a workout right? Its just what they wear? It’s an interesting concept. Or is it a “sporty” look?. I would like to get some American’s take on this.

Well, hope my next few days will be boring and relaxing but probably not with these kids around.

Off to the Orioles game now to pretend like I like it! (but really just there for the beer and hot dogs)

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