Christmas Marketing in Stuttgart

Post #2 of Stuttgart, Germany.

A little off-season to write about the Christmas but better late than never.

So the Christmas Market in Stuttgart, it was THE activity I wanted to do in Germany. I’ve been to Christmas Markets replicated in Japan and loved it but wanted to experience the real thing. 

I was surprised to learn that the Christmas market goes on for 2 months but only until the 23rd. After 23rd, everything is taken down before Christmas and everyone spends time at home with their family. It makes sense if it is really a holiday for the family right? And everything shuts down for a few days from the 24th. Shops, restaurants, everything like the New Years in Japan.

We headed down to Stuttgart city center and all around was festivities. 280 shops in total in tiny wood huts displaying candies, pretzels, chocolates, candles, wood works, knits,  socks , Christmas decorations, ornaments. Everything lit up so colorful and bright. Everyone enjoying their time with friends and family. It was beautiful.

20161223_20305020161223_183928So many people! So many shops! 20161223_185002A chocolate shop!20161223_183813Roaming from shop to shop. Never ending. 20161223_18375920161223_190051

The shops themselves are lovely but you can’t miss the rooftop decorations! You almost think there is a competition going on to outdo others with this level of decoration and it was like my mother’s Christmas decoration collection had come to life in life size on these roofs! Amazing!

20161223_19553120161223_190236Nutcrackers and the spinning fan over decorative candle. We used to have that!20161223_190510

You know those calendars you peel open a window every day until Christmas? They made a building’s window that and they decorated it like a calendar! Clever!


And Mulled Wine! Red and White wine heated with cinnamon, sugar and other spices. Its so aromatic and warms you up while you’re walking around the cold night. Served in original Stuttgart cups which is included in the cost, but can get the money back if you want to return it. Of course I kept mine!


And some of the food. How cute is this sausage stand?!


Some kind of creamy dessert with cherry sauce. Yum! I also liked pasta with sauerkraut. Never had that before but it was simple flavors and to my liking!


People huddles around the food stands. Couldn’t understand the German menus at all!

20161223_191410The Japanese in me totally love this. Was hoping to come back to this but fish on a stick! Yes!


Christmas ball Ferris Wheel!

20161223_184151Obviously, we had an awesome time going from place to place, picking up food on the way. I wish I could have had more time but next time I’ll go more than once which is what people seem to do over the Christmas season. Its on for 2 months!

Merry Christmas!


Dec. 2016.

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