Day 45- 47: The Beach Coastal Lines of Brazil + Road Trip! (Gunga, Maragogi, Praia de Camerios)

Day 45-47: Gunga, Maragogi, Praia de Camerios to Porto de Galinhas

This is the beach portion of the trip and every day was a new discovery of yet another amazing breathtaking beach. I thought I’ve seen the most beautiful beach, but the next one was more beautiful and more interesting than the last.

Day 45: Gunga Beach

This is a popular beach, easily accessible from Maceio and many tour companies offer a combination day trip with other close by beaches of Frances and San Miguel. The day package I joined was only R30 (US$10) and it gives a brief stop at the 2 beaches then about a 5 hour stay at Gunga. It is about a 30 min comfortable (and comical – though I didn’t much understand) ride.

The beach is of course incredibly beautiful with the beautiful white sand and clear waters. It caters well to the tourists with its restaurants by the waters, tropical drinks and various water activities.

White sand, blue sky, turquoise waters. What more can you ask for?

Gunga_9690Gunga_9703Gunga_9688 Gunga_9723

I was ecstatic to have my first Brazil oysters. The sellers come by and shuck the out of the shells. Small but strong flavor. Yum! Oysters_9700Oysters_9699

This was really cool, A boat flying high in the sky.

Flying Boat_9683

A rubber boat literally with wings and an engine. Ready for take off

Flying Boat_9709Flying Boat_9713

Apparently imported from Italy, the ride was 100R(US$32) for 5 min, not bad at all in Japan standards, but that’s almost my budget for the day as a budget traveler so not this time….

I had a wonderful time with my new mates I met from the hostel Natan and Doug. We had many many Skols (beer), Mouqueccas and Batata Fritas all day and it was … Paradise.


Day 47: Maragogi

Maragogi was what everyone raved about and the strong recommendation from Paulo and Claudio in Chapada as the most beautiful snorkelling  / diving spot so it was simply a must go. Day trips including a 2 hour transportation from and to Maceio + snorkelling was at around 80R – 100R. I decided to stay over because I was headed up north anyways on the way to Recife and I wanted to spend more time in this amazing place.

6am depart and 2 hours and we’re at Maraogi. Very small town compared to Maceio, but I prefer beach towns to be this way.
Quick breakfast by the waters and we’re on a boat to reach the corals.


The water is so clear that you can see everything. The Corals are very shallow that you can even stand and very easy for first time snorkelers. Apparently there are 300 different kinds of fish to be found, but I spotted maybe 10 or so, in frequency. The fish are very used to tourists and don’t scare off easily, They come and feed from the staff that has some food. Its almost like they come out as their day job to entertain us tourist.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the photos from underwater, but Richi, if you read this, please send the photos from your Go-Pro!

It was a fun snorkel, but not too intense with variation of depth, but a fun dive.

A nice lunch on the shores and checked into tonight’s hostel. It is the same Brazuka in Maceio, right infant of the beach.

The rest of the afternoon, we spent knocking back 5R (US$1.50) Caiperinas with new friends at the beach. 5R!!! I love it here! Later that night, I was taught how to make Caiperinas by the locals and was fed home cooked Panqueccas by the friends.

With our new buddies we we decided to take a road trip the following day heading up north. Well, actually, the correct record is that they discussed in detailed and decided and planned and I was informed that I was going on a road trip tomorrow! Works for me! Its too bad I don’t understand Portugese but I guess my smiling and nodding and gestures to communicate has land me a seat in this road trip with 4 other Brazilians! Awesome!

Day 48:  / Porto de Galiniha

So it is the start of the road trip, and of course I am not really comprehending when what where, but know that we are leaving and going somewhere for the next few days. All I can do is trust these people and hope I get to Recife in time.

1 rented tiny FIAT, 1 engineer from Critiba, 1 millennial marketer from Sao Paulo, 2 nurses from Rio de Janeiro and 1 job-less Japanese and we’re ready to go!

Road Trip_3256Road Trip_3261Road Trip_3263


Road Trip_3265

The first stop is Praia de Carmine. We (thPraias de Carminerey) negotiated our own boat to take us to the shores and enjoy the sun!

Road Trip_3269Road Trip_3316Road Trip_3314Road Trip_3274

We on a boat!!!


A couple of stops to enjoy the water and beaches

Road Trip_3299Road Trip_3298 Road Trip_3301  DSC02745

In one of the stops we were given white mud to slather all over ourselves. Apparently good as of course sunblock up for exfoliating, oily skin and even for stress relief.

We ended up looking like Zombies and it was hilarious as hell (and it literally looked like we had just woken up from hell) and I wish I had the photos for it, but I need to post it up later.

We made our way up to Porto de Galinha later that day, but a beautiful beautiful day.

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